(250+ oz. only)

Please let us know where you would like the shipping kits delivered and the approximate volume of milk you would like to have freeze-dried. We will get back to you asap with a custom quote based on your location! The quote will include the freeze drying service cost (with volume discounts applied if applicable) and the cost of shipping for the number of coolers needed to accommodate your order.

If you approve the quote, we will invoice you based on the volume approximation you give us here. Once we receive and weigh your order, we can adjust the price with an additional invoice or prorated refund if needed!



What is the approximate volume of milk you would like to have freeze-dried?

(Please note that custom quotes are available for large volume orders of 250+oz. only)


If you know the exact volume of milk you would like to send, please enter that here:

Do you have any deadlines (moving, travel, etc.)?

Thanks for requesting a quote! We will get back with you as soon as we are able to take on additional orders!