The World Health Organization (WHO) and The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend that babies are fed exclusively breast milk for at least 6 months, and breastfed with solid food supplementation for at least 12 months. This can have an enormous influence on the health of your child, including:

  • Decreased incidence of allergic diseases (such as asthma and eczema)

  • Decreased incidence of illness in first 5 years of life

  • Support for brain development (with direct effects on attention, learning, and memory)

  • Lowers risk of childhood obesity

  • Decreased incidence of dental caries

Despite these many benefits, only 1 in every 5 mothers continues breastfeeding for the recommended 12 months. Most women indicate their intent to breastfeed before birth, and reports show that 83% of mothers start breastfeeding when their child is born. However, 6 months later only 50% of mothers still report breastfeeding, and by 12 months only 25% of babies are receiving breast milk.

The barriers to breastfeeding for the entire first year of life are numerous. Women returning to work are faced with other problems, such as a lack of adequate time and/or a private space in which to express milk during the day. The milk must be stored properly once expressed, and we believe the inconvenience and inadequacy of storage options are barriers preventing infants from receiving the full benefits of breast milk during their first year of life.

We at Milkify acknowledge and respect the enormous effort that nursing moms must put in for their infants to receive this gold standard of nutrition. Our goal is to increase the number of infants who receive breast milk in their first year of life by helping to make the storage of breast milk easier and more convenient.