The Milkify Stash (Local) Service is available for local/regional customers only

Not in the area? Not a problem! The Milkify Stash Service is also available nationwide.

The Milkify Stash Service is $379/box (+ tax/shipping). Each box will hold up to 250 oz. of breast milk frozen flat in lactation bags, but you can fill the box with as many bags as will fit! Order as many boxes as you need for your stash.

Contact-free courier pick-up service is included for Houston-area residents.



Once you order, we will mail your box and packing supplies to your home address the next business day. 


If you live in the Houston-area, your order includes free courier pick-up. If you live in the regional pick-up area, we will invoice you separately for the $99 extended area courier fee. 

Once you receive your box, pack your bags into the box and use the provided zip ties to secure the lid. If needed, you can store the box in your freezer until it is full before requesting your pick-up. 

Schedule your Milkify courier pickup at your convenience using the REQUEST PICK-UP option on your MY ACCOUNT page.  


BLUE: FREE Milkify Courier Pick-Up


TEAL: $99 Extended Area Pick-Up Fee

If you are in the Houston area, your pick-up is completely free. 

For regional residents, we offer extended-area courier pick-up service for an additional $99 fee.

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Not in the area? Not a problem!



1. The milk must be stored in an approved lactation bag.


Approved lactation bags include those made by: Medela, Lansinoh, Willow, Up&Up, Spectra, Nanobebe, Avent, Evenflo, Tommee Tippee, Kiinde, Nuk, Milkies, Motif, Dr. Browns, Unimom.

Due to CDC recommendations, we are not able to accept milk stored in Ziplock bags, or those not specifically approved for use as lactation bags. Please contact us if you use a brand other than what is listed here, and would like to know if it is accepted.

2. The milk must have been stored in a freezer and never previously thawed.


3. The bag must be intact (no rips or tears) and must be clean on the outside.

4. Safe breast milk handling guidelines were followed when the milk was expressed.