Happy Milkify Mamas: Meet Konali

By: Konali Cormier

I am a mother to two baby girls (one is now 2, and the other is 7 months), who were both breastfed. I knew that breastmilk would be the best for my babies, however I was not a fan of latching. I decided to exclusively pump and bottle feed both of my children. Consequently, I ended up with a large supply of breastmilk with minimal storage space. With my first daughter, we invested in a deep freezer specifically for breastmilk storage, and it worked like a charm. However, we started to use the deep freezer for food storage when she was no longer nursing. So, when the second baby came along, we found ourselves in the same position as with the first…a large supply of milk with limited storage space.

I began to research milk donation to prevent milk wasting when I came across Milkify online. I contacted them and got an immediate response. They picked up a box of my frozen milk the same day, and within weeks, I had a box of individual packages of powdered milk. The instructions for rehydration are conveniently on each package as well as a QR code which directs you to detailed instructions online. I also like that each pack has my name and expression date printed on it, along with the amount of milk in the pack…down to the ounce!

With the recent winter storm in Texas, we began to panic due to the power outage and risk of our freezers defrosting and thawing out our ENTIRE milk supply. Fortunately, Milkify came to our rescue yet again, and our milk could be stored in the pantry with the other dry goods for up to three years without compromising the glorious nutritional values and benefits it provides! For me, it was also very convenient when it came to going out on errands with the baby. The packets of milk take up minimal space in her diaper bag and there is no risk of spillage or worry about the milk maintaining a cold/safe temperature. It is also quite helpful for caregivers, daycares, and family members etc.

I recommend Milkify for ALL breastfeeding mothers…especially for those with a substantial milk supply and/or exclusive pumpers like myself.

About the Author:

Konali Cormier

Speech Language Pathologist, Grad Student, & Momma to 2 Beautiful Girls