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Milkify is the first and only breast milk freeze-drying service in the U.S. We empower women to reach their breastfeeding goals by combining the benefits of breast milk with the convenience of powder. Longer, more convenient storage encourages extended breastfeeding, leading to significantly better health and wellness – for both mom and baby.

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Media Contact:

Dr. Berkley Luck 832.534.0465



The aim of the Milkify service is to overcome barriers to storage, transportation, and inconvenience of expressed breast milk, in order to support breastfeeding continuation.

Longer storage. More convenience. Better infant nutrition.


Milkify can safely freeze-dry breast milk for longer storage and enhanced convenience. Breast milk powder can be stored for 3 years without refrigeration. Powdering is superior to freezing when it comes to preserving the milk's vital nutrients, immune factors, and probiotics. When ready to use, simply mix with warm, purified water.


Milkify's proprietary freeze-drying process for breast milk provides the following benefits:

  • Stores for 3 years with no refrigeration

  • Prevents nutrient degradation

  • Preserves immune factors and probiotics

  • Completely chemical and additive-free process

  • Barrier bags protect the powder from oxygen, moisture, and contamination

  • Powder is travel-friendly and TSA-safe

Freeze dried breast milk powder



Milkify was founded by Dr. Berkley Luck, an expert in the field of microbiome science. Dr. Luck studied the infant gut microbiome, and used freeze-drying technology during her graduate research as a way to preserve the probiotic bacteria she was studying. Seeing the opportunity offered by freeze-drying technology, Milkify started with the goal of preserving the probiotics in breast milk for better infant nutrition.  Dr. Luck spent the better part of a year fine-tuning and perfecting a safe and effective freeze-drying process specific to human breast milk - the result being Milkify’s proprietary process which allows the storage of breast milk powder for 3 years with no refrigeration. Then, together with her Co-Founder and husband, Pedro Silva, set out to create a service based around the mission of removing barriers to breastfeeding.

Read more about Milkify’s story.


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