For $199, you can fill the box with as many frozen lactation bags as will fit. Each box will hold up to 120 oz. of frozen breast milk stored in lactation bags.


Once you order, we will mail the box to your home address the next business day. You can pack your bags into the box at your convenience, and store in your freezer until pick-up.


After your box is packed you can request a courier pick-up using the booking system on our site. For Houston-area residents, your order includes free courier pick-up.


Once Milkify receives your frozen milk, we assign unique tracking numbers to each bag and freeze-dry them individually using a contactless and 100% chemical-free process. We then seal your breast milk powder in high barrier packaging which keeps it protected from oxygen, moisture, and contamination. Once we receive your order, we freeze-dry and ship your breast milk powder back to your door within 7-10 business days.


Not in the area? Not a problem! The Milkify Stash Service is also available nationwide - see shipping options.


1 Ounce


We can only process milk that meets the following requirements:

  1. The milk must be stored in an approved* lactation bag.

  2. The milk must have been stored in a freezer and never previously been thawed.

  3. The bag must be intact (no rips or tears) and must be clean on the outside.

**Approved lactation bags include those made by: Avent, Dr. Browns, Evenflo, Kiinde, Lansinoh, Medela, Milkies, Motif, Nanobebe, Nuk, Spectra, Parent's Choice, Tommee Tippee, Unimom, Up&Up, Willow. We are not able to accept milk stored in Ziplock bags, or those not specifically approved for use as lactation bags. Please contact us if you have a brand other than what is listed here before submitting your order. 


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