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Our process is the safest way to save your stash



  • Labeling

Each bag of milk that you send is labeled with your name and a tracking number as soon as we receive your order.

  • Logging

Your bags are then individually weighed and logged into our tracking system. We also record any other information you wrote on the bags (expression date, dietary notes, vaccine/medication information). This information is transferred to the custom label on the final packaging you receive back. (Note that this is totally optional! If you have not written anything on your bags, or have not recorded the volume, that is okay!)

  • Storage

Your milk is stored in a labeled, enclosed bin in our deep freezer until freeze-drying. Our commercial deep freezers keep your milk at about -10F, and the temperature is remotely monitored. We have backup generators on our freezers to ensure that your milk is stored safely until it is processed.



  • SafeDryTM contact-free processing

Our SafeDryTM technology ensures that your milk processed in the safest possible way. We use specially engineered SafeDryTM pouches that vent during freeze-drying to allow water vapor to escape, while protecting each individual bag of your milk from contamination and contact with our equipment.

  • Gentle heat

From start to finish, your milk remains frozen while in our facility – there is absolutely no thawing. During the freeze-drying process, water is removed by a process called sublimation, in which water (ice) turns into water vapor (gas), and is removed from your milk. A very gentle heat (about 75F or room temperature) is applied during this process, but as the heat is very gentle, this does not cause nutrient degradation or protein denaturation.


  • Chemical-free

Absolutely no chemicals or additives are used in the freeze-drying process. The only thing removed from your milk is the water!



  • Quality control testing

As part of our final quality control check, we measure the water activity (“dryness”) of your milk. This is how we know that your breast milk powder will remain shelf-stable for up to 3 years with no refrigeration.

  • Packaging

We package your milk in food-safe, high-barrier packaging. Each pouch of powder you receive back has a label which indicates how much water to add back to rehydrate your milk to its original consistency. Please note that during packaging, we will combine bags that originally contained less than 2 oz to ensure an accurate shelf life.

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