Berkley Luck, Ph.D.

Dr. Berkley Luck is the Founder of Milkify, the 1st breast milk freeze-drying service in the U.S. She is a Molecular Biologist and new mom who is passionate about breastfeeding.

Dr. Luck is an expert in the field of microbiome science and specializes in studies of the infant gut microbiome. Her research has provided insight as to how microbial influences during early development lead to life-long changes in brain function and behavior.


As a researcher, she used freeze-drying technology as a way to preserve the viability of the probiotic bacteria she was studying. Seeing the opportunity in freeze-drying for purposes other than research, Milkify started with the goal of preserving the probiotics in breast milk for better infant nutrition. 


Dr. Luck has nearly 10 years of experience in managing and operating safe laboratory environments, including the clinical research laboratory setting. Dr. Luck spent the better part of a year fine-tuning and perfecting a safe and effective process specific to human breast milk - the result being Milkify’s proprietary contact-free freeze-drying process which allows the storage of breast milk powder for 3 years with no refrigeration.


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