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  1. Before preparing milk, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.

  2. Check the back of your bag to see what volume of water to add, then add purified water to bottle.

  3. Warm water in the bottle prior to adding the breast milk powder.

    1. Use a bottle warmer, or let the bottle with purified water sit in a bowl of warm water from a kettle, microwave, or stove top. 

  4. Tear off top of bag at notches and open bag zipper. Prop open the bottom of the bag to allow the bag to stand, and to make the powder easier to pour into the bottle.

  5. Pour powder into bottle to mix with warm, purified water.

  6. Close bottle top and swirl bottle to mix.

    • Do not shake, to avoid formation of bubbles.

    • If clumps remain, gently heat the bottle under warm running water or place back in warm water bath for 1-2 minutes, then swirl bottle again.

    • Depending on the fat content of the milk, it make take a bit longer for the fats to dissolve. For high fat content milk, stirring for up to 4-5 minutes may be necessary. Be patient, as this will ensure your baby gets all of the nutrients from the milk.

  7. Before feeding, check that the temperature of the milk is not too hot!


​Your powdered breast milk can also be incorporated into solid foods even after weaning for a nutritional boost! Simply sprinkle a little on your child's favorite foods, and mix in. Here are a few tips:


  • Each ounce of frozen breast milk will yield approximately 2 tsp of breast milk powder.


  • You can incorporate as much or as little powder as you would like into solid foods, but make sure that the powder is mixed in thoroughly to prevent accidental powder inhalation.


  • After you open a bag of your breast milk powder, remember to seal the zipper and refrigerate any unused powder. The powder will rapidly start to attract moisture if left unsealed, which can lead to bacterial growth as your milk was not pasteurized during the freeze-drying process. For this reason, once the bag has been opened, it should be re-sealed, refrigerated, and used within 3 days.


The powder from each lactation bag of frozen breast milk you provide to Milkify is sealed in its own individual high barrier bag.


When we receive your milk, the starting volume of frozen milk in each lactation bag is recorded. The instructions on the back of each barrier bag of powder you receive will indicate how much water to add back to the breast milk powder. This rehydrates the milk to its original consistency.

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