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Don't just take our word for it - researchers world-wide have been studying how breast milk is affected by the freeze-drying process for decades. Some of this research dates back to the 1950s! Milk banks and hospitals around the world currently use this technique as a safe and effective way to preserve the nutritional and bioactive components of breast milk.

Learn more below from our growing collection of articles and research!

(Updated March 2022)

"The stability after storage of freeze-dried milk was higher than that reported for frozen or fresh milk indicating that freeze-drying is a promising option to improve the preservation of human milk" 


Combination of High-Pressure Processing and Freeze-Drying as the Most Effective Techniques in Maintaining Biological Values and Microbiological Safety of Donor Milk (2021)

Essential and toxic elements in human milk concentrate with human milk lyophilizate: A preclinical study (2020)

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Human milk enriched with human milk lyophilisate for feeding very low birth weight preterm infants: A preclinical experimental study focusing on fatty acid profile (2018)

The freeze-drying does not influence the proteomic profiles of human milk (2018)

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The Effect of Lyophilization on Selected Biologically Active Components (Vitamin C, Catalase, Lysozyme), Total Antioxidant Capacity and Lipid Oxidation in Human Milk (2017)

Effect of Pasteurization, Freeze-drying and Spray Drying on the Fat Globule and Lipid Profile of Human Milk (2016)

The Effect of Freeze-Drying on the Nutrient, Polyphenol, and Oxidant Levels of Breast Milk (2016)

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