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"Little man got to try his powdered breast milk today! We are so excited to have milk that is easy to transport when we go places. Not only do they powder breast milk (which is awesome on its own), but they have GREAT customer service and are willing to literally go the extra mile to help you out. Did I mention that half my milk stash is now in convenient little bags and not taking up my entire deep freeze?? And also... [my son] loves it so that's an even bigger plus!... seriously just made my life 1000x easier to get to where I’m going"

Kelsie H. // Instagram

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"Oh my goodness! This was such an awesome experience that I will forever be grateful for! I had a LOT of breastmilk in my freezer and was so worried about what I was going to do with it! My daughter started to refuse breastmilk bottles, but knowing the nutritional value of it I decided to try out Milkify to powder some just to have on hand just in case. The process was so fast, the ladies were AMAZING, the convenience is unmatched, and my daughter actually will take a breastmilk bottle now! I have since decided to get the rest of my milk powdered. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome! Milkify is a MUST try! You will not be disappointed!"

Nicole R. // Facebook

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"So glad to find a company doing this!! I had heard of people doing this is in the home but never realized I had the option of a service.

Ordering the box was easy and it arrived at my door. I packed my milk and they picked it up locally at my job . My milk arrived in the mail soon after in cute easily stored baggies.

I love that I have milk to use in a pinch or give to someone that may need to watch my daughter in an emergency. I also LOVE that after weening she can continue on breastmilk until I run out. I am also super glad that I don't have milk sitting in my deep freezer waiting on the next hurricane to thaw it prematurely...if you have ever lost supply to outages, you know how horrible that feels. Love this!!!"

Katherine S. // Facebook

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